M a l a y s i a's   f i r s t  

D o g   A g i l i ty Club 

A non-profit organization for

dog sports competition,

dog agility training,

dog obedience training,

retrieving training & scent dog training..

"Helping you to build the bond with your dogs"

Dog agility training allows dogs to exercise while having fun. Besides improving physical fitness, Dog agility helps dogs build confidence, provides mental stimulation and strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners. At PAA, we make every effort to promote this sport so that more dogs and people can enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Mission of PAA
  • Promoting the sport of dog agility in Malaysia.
Dog agility is a dog and handler team sport in which the team participates in by going through a specially designed obstacle course. The sport is to be promoted by having demonstrations for the public, holding training programmes and competitions to expose the sport to the public.
  •  Developing public interest in dog agility as a healthy recreational family sport.

Dog agility is a team sport that can be enjoyed by the family and their dogs (pedigreed or non-pedigreed). It is designed to improve the bond between the dogs and the handler and promote responsible ownership of dog.

PAAPP Planned 2015 Dog Sports Calendar

3 January (Saturday): Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 9 Jones Road, Penang.
Time : 5.30pm to 7pm.

24 January (Saturday); 58th Agility Trial
Classes: Elementary Agility, Novice Agility, JWW-Novice.
Judge: Sue Yeap. Stewards: TW Sam & Han Ni

7/March/2015 (Saturday): 20th Agility Games

1/May/2015 (Friday) and 2/5/2015 (Saturday): 59th and 60th Agility Trial

10/May/2015 (Sunday): 21st Agility Games

30/May/2015 (Saturday) : 61st Agility Trial

6/June/2015 (Saturday): 8th Retrieving Tests

7/June/2015 (Sunday) : 6th Certified Scent Dogs

25/July/2015 (Saturday) : 22nd Agility Games

26/Sept/2015 (Saturday): 7th Certified Scent Dog

27/Sept/2015 (Sunday): 8th Certified Scent Dog

18/Oct/2015 (Saturday): 2nd Certified Tricks Dog

25/Oct/2015 (Sunday): 23rd Agility Games

A non-profit organization promoting the sport of dog agility, dog obedience, field dogs and scent dogs.

Located in Penang, Malaysia.

Registered with the Registrar of Societies in 2000.